SHIFT is the largest and fastest growing swimwear fashion channel, with 1 billion impressions per year from a global audience of over 20 million viewers per month. SHIFT™ is “Start Here In Fashion Tv™”.

What makes SHIFT different, is we deliver fashion as a SPORT experience; it's a fast past, exciting, interactive and engaging viewer experience.

The SHIFT experience creates brand loyalty for you with our audience who use our channel as a buying guide and as lifestyle entertainment.

Our fans watch many times per week, engage in commenting and also participate in live chat during our livestreams and weekly premier. Our audience watches on YouTube, on our Roku TV channel, on our website, and Vimeo network.




Hello! We are sure that you are as excited as we are to live stream your shows to millions of viewers! SHIFT is the largest, fastest growing swimwear fashion channel!

The live streaming process is simple, SHIFT will handle everything regarding streaming your shows and delivering it to our massive audience. All we require is the name, date and time of your show, and a thumbnail image that satisfies our guidelines below. We will provide you with an embed code, a snippet of text, that you can copy and paste into your website. That’s it!

Need help? Because there are so many shows, it’s very difficult for us to work one on one with each individual designer. Please review the Frequently Asked Questions section below and contact us if you have any further questions.


Each livestream will have one image that is displayed until the viewer clicks on the video to watch the stream. The thumbnail is extremely important, the viewer will look at it to decide if she wants to watch the video or not. A thumbnail should be chosen that meets the technical requirements and is effective at getting clicks so that you have a high view count for your live stream. SHIFT reserves the right to replace the thumbnail of any image that doesn’t meet the guidelines or technical requirements.

Technical requirements:

  • The image must be 1280x720 (width, height) which is a 16:9 aspect ratio.

  • It must be in JPEG or PNG format

  • The image file size must be less than 2 MB

Guidelines for Thumbnails:

The thumbnails will be displayed everywhere the video is published, including the production company’s website and partner sites, the SHIFT Channel the SHIFT APP and SHIFT Channel on smart TVs. In most cases the thumbnail will be displayed in a very small size for mobile devices, so they cannot have text on them.

  • No text in the images
  • Only the production company's logo may appear on the image.  Production company logos cannot contain the words "swim week".  The designers brand will be in the title and description of the video and will be highly visible.  We recommend no logo on the cover image. 
  • If the production company logo is on the image, it must be in the bottom left corner shown in the sample below, sized appropriately as per the example. 
  • Horizontal format, 16x9 ratio
  • One model in the image, showing 3/4 of the model from head to just below the waist
  • Bright swimwear (reds, neons, royal blues, kelly greens)
  • High contrast between a model / swimwear/ and background
  • Clean, plain background - simple black or white.


How do I get my embed code?

All of the embed codes will be provided to you through your production company. We will provide it at least one week before the shows. You should check your email daily for updates from us in case the embed code must be updated, which is rare but sometimes needs to be done.

Will I get a copy of the livestream video?

No - a copy of the footage is not included in the service. We will broadcast the video to YouTube and you can embed that in your website. You can leave that video on your website for as long as you want. If you want video from your show contact the production company and tell them you want to purchase a copy of the livestream footage and we can discuss it on a case by case basis.

Where can my livestream be viewed?

Your production company will publish the video using the same embed code we give you on their website. You can also publish it on your own website. In addition, SHIFT will broadcast your livestream to our audience on YouTube, in our SHIFT app, on our website, and on smart TVs worldwide.

Can people still watch the livestream after it’s over?

Yes. People will be able to watch it as long as the YouTube player is embedded on your website. SHIFT will not voluntarily remove the livestream from YouTube for at least 6 months. In general, SHIFT does not take down livestreams, however they are hosted by YouTube and ultimately YouTube is in full control of their platform.

Can I use my music for the livestream?

No. YouTube will scan the livestream in real time watching for copyrighted music. If it detects any, it will turn off the audio or possibly block the stream entirely. To ensure people can enjoy your show, we will use royalty free music that we have already licensed for livestreaming on YouTube.

What happens if something goes wrong with the livestream?

Live streaming is complex and things can and on very rare occasions things sometimes do go wrong. This can be due to weather, issues with the internet connection, or other equipment problems. If your livestream does not broadcast on time, we will broadcast a recording of your show to the livestream and the audience will be able to see the replay of the live show without you taking any additional action. This live streaming service is provided at no cost to you, and we disclaim any and all liability for any damages direct or indirect or consequential should anything go wrong with your live stream. We take this very seriously, and take every reasonable action to test and ensure your livestream is a great experience.

The quality of the livestream doesn’t look good on my device

The live stream quality depends on the quality of the internet connection from the venue of the show to YouTube, and the quality of the connection down to your device. In general we broadcast on high quality connections but quality of service can be affected due to network conditions beyond our control. If you are having a poor quality signal on your device, make sure you are on a good internet connection because image quality is automatically downgraded when the signal is poor or shared with too many people.

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